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  • Bike: R1200GS, DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
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I bought a Sand 2 jacket last year on a run out deal from Motomail in Auckland. I think its essentially the same. Im very happy with it. With all the layers in its a bit clumsy but through winter i just used the waterproof layer and that was enough. In summer i really like the amount and size of vents. The lower half of the sleeves is basically all vent which is excellent. Maybe not so good if you come off but pretty good for hot days. Happy wearing this jacket when i would normally my mesh jacket. For super cold days i just put a rain jacket over the top of the Sand and im toasty. And dry. Pants are ok but not as versatile as the jacket.

Ive got a pair of Forma Adventure boots. Pretty confortable and havent leaked yet. Although i did manage to fill them with water going down TePaki stream. Kind of waterproof testing as all the water was still in there when i got to the bottom of ninety mile beach.

Gloves..in my limited experience..if they are really waterproof then the lining will be a b****h. If the lining doesnt come out when you take them off they are probably not waterproof. Consider a pair of realky lightweight overmitts to keep dry. These are difficult when you get into any kind of technical riding but theyre ok on the tarseal.