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Dave Young
  • Town/City: New Plymouth District
  • Bike: KLX150L, R1200GS
  • Rank: 1200cc Rider

I went for a little toddle yesterday to find some gravel for the wee bike and ended up out the Mt. Messenger way. Turning off SH3 at Ahititi I had the choice of going east inland to Ohura via the Tongaporutu-Ohura gravel road or head back south on the Kiwi, Moki and Kaka gravel roads. Kiwi Road won, mainly because I did the Tongaporutu-Ohura gravel road last week en route to 42 Traverse.

Kiwi Road

Kiwi Road had plenty of fresh gravel laid all the way up to the tunnel and I was pleased to see that very little papa clay was exposed in all the usual tricky spots. Being so dry with summer, I’m sure it would have been just fine to ride two-up on the R1200GS. A huge tree has fallen over the road but it was easy to pass underneath its span without any problem. The gravel from the tunnel down past the farms was nicely graded and the best I’ve see it in years. There are some roadworks going on at the junction of Kiwi and Makarakia roads with some heavy machinery parked up (it appears the bridge is getting some erosion protection from the river).

Moki Road had the same superb gravel surface as Kiwi. The twisty section down through the papa cliffs was just starting to show some corrugation but it was minimal.

Kaka Road was in good shape. This road sees more traffic than either Kiwi or Moki and it was a bit loose over the high country section but had settled by the time it got to the lower farms. There were a few potholes, but they were easily avoided unlike the suicidal goats who found it good sport to run recklessly out from the roadside and directly across my path! Does anyone have a good goat stew recipe to share with me?