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I said that I would like to add loops around some of the more likely stopping points on the T2B route for those with a little more time to explore. Here’s a little example. Sandhills Road is a mostly gravel road, which as you can see runs in some long straight sections between Awanui and Ahipara. Normally that would not be especially enticing but the road follows the contour of the duns, there is very little vertical flattening of the grade. The result is a full scale motorcycle roller coaster which is a lot of fun to ride and has some nice views east and west.

In Ahipara there is a very good motor camp, if you are camping. It has some seriously impressive facilities and lots of space for tents. Ahipara is also very proud of its local chippie, right at the beginning of the main street.

So if you find yourself in Kaitaia with an hour or so to spare, duck out to Sandhills Road and get some shark and tatties from Ahipara. A nice way to end the day.

Happy Riding