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Mark Claasen
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Eddies Big Day Out
We are getting together this Sunday to farewell ADV Rider NZ founder Edward Brodie as He and His family head off on their big OE, though we might open invitation up to any near by who may want to join us.
Plan is to ride From Z Waiuku at 11am to a local paper road, ride or watch others tip their bikes over on it, then down to beach and take a brief look, if you’re afraid of sand don’t worry normal cars drive on it, Then head back to mine to do ADV ride skill course in the back yard, (or watch or con me ride on a mini bike) Swim in the Pool if you have bought appropriate wear (no speedo’s or undies 🙂 ) Eat some sausages in bread and take a 5min look at the Garage Bike museum.
Please give an indication if your coming so I know how many sausages to buy and how many to wait for at Gas station 🙂