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I had a great trip! 6800 km in three weeks and met also a lot of nice motorcyclist during the way. I am creating a video of the 850 clips I have from my GoPro right now and I was planning on posting a separate topic om my trip, including the video, photo’s and the routes themselves, but this will take some time (I hope three weeks).

What info are you looking for for the additional loops. There are already separate topics on all loops, except the Lake Brunner loop. I drove the Lake Brunner loop by accident, because I wanted to skip the coastal part from Arthur Pass to Reefton, but drove the wrong way 😉

Its just a parallel road (see https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1X0xPOy12n8JxF6pSzJFe0JrLPmg9lVXn&ll=-41.977284387426565%2C172.81573836794405&z=7) from the Arthurs Pass -> West coast. I would mark them as beginner track. The gravel track is curvy at the lake and more straight (high speed) at the end. The tarmac connection road back to the SF73 is also very worthwhile riding!

I can provide a Not sure what routing software you are using (I use http://www.myrouteapp.com), but I wanted to attach the GPX for the Lake Brunner loop but the site does not allow me to. Let me know if I can help with something else..