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Harry Cat
Rank: 50cc Rider

Be VERY CAREFUL if you are looking at an AJP. Mine (ajp pr3) was built with “cheap chinese parts” and has now completely seized. It has been sitting in the garage for the last few months and when I got it out to get it ready for a ride I discovered the following:
– Fuel tank has what looks like melted plastic in i, this residue has worked its way into the carb and locked it solid. I’m thinking something in the tank was plastic and it has melted?
– Carb is locked with the same gunk
– Fuel pickup, filter and fuel return are all blocked.

We stopped pulling the bike apart at that point and I’m working out my options. Purchased new in 2015 so I am a bit PO’d as it now appears to be worthless.

My recommendation is don’t touch them!