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  • Bike: Triumph tiger Explorer
Rank: 250cc Rider

Just got a new rear tyre today, I had a TKC70 on the rear, very good tyre for dry and wet riding! Also very good on gravel. The only thing I didn’t like about them was riding on wet grass, with the solid centre line the rear acted like a slick, no grip on wet grass at all. Still had some tread left on it but after doing the south island with a heavy load it squared off a bit. I got 13,376 kms out of it, I’m now trying a Michelin Anakee Adventure,
This has a similar tread pattern, a little blockyer, but without the solid centre.still an 80/20 tire. I’ve done just over 300 km with them today on gravel and road, very secure footing on the loose gravel, so far very good, a little bit more road noise with the blocky tread. Will see how they go, photos,
on the left Anakee Adventure,
on the right TKC 70.