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  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV
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Next up was the KTM stand where the new 790 and 690 were all on display.

KTM 790 Adventure

KTM 790 Adventure R

Both bikes were nice to sit on, good ergonomics and lots of space to move about. For those who like to stick a foot out on corners the low bulbous petrol tanks don’t seem to get in the way and didn’t look like they stick out any further than your boot. I thought the standard seat was more comfortable than on the R models, the standard bike is a 2 piece affair while the R is one single unit and is definately firmer.
Those of average height and riding aggressiveness will be pleased with the standard bike I think, I could comfortably flat foot on one side without hanging off the bike at odd angles. If you wanted to commute on your 790 and end up sitting at traffic lights a lot it would be an easy machine to ride.

The new 1290 Super Adventure was also there, it felt much smaller than I remember my 950 being.

The 2019 690 felt pretty tiny, it’s very narrow! It’s also the first bike I’ve seen to come from the factory with Mitas E-07 tyres fitted.