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  • Bike: \'18 CRF250 Rally [Africa Single]
Rank: 80cc Rider

It goes well around town and off road.
Im about 65kg so lucky there..
On the open road with my camp gear, I cruse at 100km/h but a strong head wind or long/steep hill can take you down to 90km/h or sometimes a bit lower if it’s really terrible out..
I’m okay with that.
I’ve read that these bikes are really reliable and many others rack up the open road Km’s on them with out issues so, am happy sitting at 100km/h for big stretches.
Though, would recommend good pillow top gtips for comfort..

Off road, it’s got a good amount of power for gravel and forest road bashin’.

A huge bonus of the rally is the windscreen and semi decent LED headlight as well as ABS – as I will have slightly more dirt oriented rubber on, the abs is handy on the road in wet/emergency stops (rear can be disabled for sweet skids and backing it in..)

Go find a demo one to throw about and see how you feel ??


That was my intension but, I was sill to assume the made them for the CRF250L (same motor as the Rally).. Wasn’t untill after I brought the bike that I realised the done almost every dualspot/motocross bike EXCEPT for my bike.. Probably would have gotten a drz400 for that reason had I of known that at the time. Oh well, my dumb fault haha