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  • Bike: R1200GS, DL650, DRZ250, DRZ400S,
Rank: 1200cc Rider

or I can do it here…..

This all assumes you are trying to do this from a microsoft windows pc…

At the bottom of the page below the “Reply to…” box you should see a grey button which says “Choose File”. You should see next to that the words “No file chosen” and beneath it “Add Another File”

Click on the grey button that says “Choose file”
A screen will open on your PC screen (will be slightly different if you are doing it on a phone or Ipad). You need to find the photo you want to put on the site and select it (ONE left click with the mouse).
Then click “open” at the bottom right. The screen will disappear and you should see the name of the file you selected appear next to the Choose file button. If it happens to have a long file name it will be abbreviated.

You can then repeat the process until you have uploaded all your photos.

When you are done, click the green “SUBMIT” bottom at the bottom right of the page.

Ipads and phones are variations on this but essentially the same process. If you know how to navigate the storage in your phone or ipad then you should be able to work it out.

Inserting the picture in the text in the right place is possible but its easiest to just attach them, they then appear as thumbnails after your text.

Like so