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James C
  • Bike: 2014 Triumph Tiger 800 XR
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

I rode it on Saturday morning. First part was relatively easy. There are some sections that are marbled. (lose stones) as can be seen below. Before I knew it a locked gate was blocking my path to further fun filled adventure. Decided to climb the embankment and on we went. The road becomes a little more rutted with lots of lose gravel. But was not too taxing. Eventually came to a fork in the road and I went right, which ended being wrong for various reasons. It was clay and very slippery. I took the incorrect line, my front wheel simply slid out. It was the first time I dropped my Bike. Fortunately I had come to virtually a complete standstill before I gently lay her down, with my legs spread eagle with my bike facing the direction I had come from (complete 180). I had a chuckle to myself, thankful that I was not injured and anxious to see the damage to my bike. Apart from my bar end that was only slightly scratched, my bike was unscathed. Thank the pope. Picked it up and on I went. It was a steep gradient on the decent and I simply couldnt keep my bike from skidding from the centre into the ruts, it was just to slippery. (Needed far more aggressive tread for this track). So I estimate, at approx half way down, we decided to turn around and made our way back. It was much easier going up. We reached the fork and tried the left side of the road but not far along the track a second locked Gate prevented any further passage. It was not passable on either side. It was a beautiful morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the ride.