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  • Bike: DR650
Rank: 250cc Rider

Give most people the finger. Especially gangs. Works well.

My brother and I, gave the finger to the Hell’s Angels on their
Harleys. That went well for us. We’re both doing well in hospital.

Ho Ho no, but we did ride past them, a steady positive throttle and
respectful lane width allowance will mean no trouble.

I’ve given up waving at cyclists. They look at me as though I’m
asking for help. I admire their tenacity. But going at 80 to 105kph,
I don’t need much help, except mentally.

Scooters also, I don’t feel so inclined to wave at scooters.
I saw a three wheeled 250cc race past me on the motorway.
Two wheels in the front – one at the back. I felt that if I waved
to the owner of such a machine I would catch an odd disease.

Mainly I’ve noticed waving or nodding is best achieved when riders are having a nice time.