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  • Bike: BMW 650GS Dakar
Rank: 250cc Rider

My screen died, started to flicker then just went to being a backlight only then stopped completely. I found a google article that said it was thr ribbon cable from the screen to the motherboard. I reseated it as suggested and it cam right so I was stoked. Then when I screwed it back together it stopped again and after 3 attempts to fix the plastic clamp that holds the ribbon cable down snapped off so now it’s completely gone.
They are very old units so the rubber buttons had started to perish as well, can’t expect them to last forever. If yours has a different problem I may be able to make one out of two, hard to say I guess.

<cite>@Bandit Rider said:</cite>
I’ve an old one a mate gave me that is dead. No idea what’s wrong with it – maybe the screen could be swapped if it works?

Just put my old one on my little WR. It’s at least 10 years old, has the odd issue but should do the job for me.