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Team Buffoon
Rank: 125cc Rider

So not done much on the poor old 250SCR recently, too much sailing been going on. Time to make some progress so dragged her out from under the bench at the weekend. Going to get a new rear wheel made up as the rim is a chromed 18″ steel number that has seen better days. Going to go with a 19″ to match the front as that is what it would have had originally. I know I am getting ahead of myself a bit but thinking about tyres. Sizes probably 325×19 front and 350×19 rear. Bike will spend most of its time on seal but I do want it to be able to handle gravel roads OK. Wanted to try to keep the original look with some old school looking Trials Tyres, found the Heidenau K67 which looks spot on but I am hearing that they are not very good on the road and are very stiff. The Dunlop K70 is a vintage looking tyre which also picks up good reviews for gravel riding, just not so chunky looking.
Anyone have any NZ experience of K70s in gravel or any ideas for a classic trials tyre that looks like the K67 but which will work well on the road?