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It’s been around for a fair few years now. Never really caught on as if you have voice signal to share your location, then you pretty much always have data signal, so why just not share your actual location using a google maps link? Also as the words for locations are just random, without the App you are helpless – so again, if you have the App (and data signal in order to use the App) why not just use google maps… And as for the GPS companies, I know that a few GPS providers looked at it, but quickly decided that it was nonsense as they just needed a button called “share location” instead (I worked for ESRI back then – the worlds largest mapping software company).

The final nail in it’s coffin was that coordinate systems, while hard to remember numbers, actually MEAN something that a skilled person can work things out.

Emergency Services poo-pooed it almost instantly, as imagine a radio operator receiving “golf” vs “gulf” meaning they’d have to spell it out using phonetic alphabet, which would take AGES compared with numbers.

I am writing this while sitting HERE

Useless scheme 😉 🙂