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  • Bike: XR650R
Rank: 400cc Rider

Thanks Eddie

Some more details on the carb;

It’s fully set up for a xr650r, and unlike the FCR you don’t need to modify the petrol tank. The TM40 slots right in.
It’s jetted for a drilled airbox cover. Mine didn’t have airbox cover holes, so it ran a bit rich. Jets are cheap
I’ll include the remote choke.
I’ll also include a throttle cable (near new) but this needs an adaptor nut to mount to carb. It works fine as is, but would be better having it securely mounted. An easy fix would be to tap the mounting plate to a bigger thread.
As said its only had 27 hours use, but as its 4 years old it could use a clean I guess. Runs perfectly.

I’m travelling with work, so the earliest I can post it is July 17th.