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  • Town/City: Wellington
  • Bike: BMW R80 G/S, R100GS & M72 Sidecar, Gilera Runner ST200
Rank: 1200cc Rider

MAINTENANCE – 7th Mar ’19 – 53,331 kms
4mm tread on the Conti, so 1mm/1000kms of travel, should be good for at least another 2500 kms to legal tread depth.

Swapped in the Leo Vince can for the Polished Rockers. More sound, & feels freeer running up the revs, especially in the 3.5-4.0 range. Change the idle mixture screw to 1.5 turns out to reduce the pops & bangs. Also upped the main jet to 160. Now a very nice coffee & cream light tan colour – on the 150 MJ it was a chalky white. Still some crackle on run off, but not offensive.

The Tonneau cover stitching is starting to come undone, so will need some attention, along with the seat

MAINTENANCE – 17th Mar ’19:
The voltmeter LED has been giving unusual readings for the past month or so, indicating low charge at higher RPM when using the headlight. Then when I was commuting to work on Thursday, the alternator stopped charging. I swapped stator frames to one with longer (less worn) brushes. Things appeared to be remedied, but when I took the chair out to commute to work Monday, there was a puff of smoke from under the tank.

Investigation later that night showed no charge again. I’d put in a 5w 47 ohm resister to replace the 3w alternator exciter bulb, but hadn’t protected it like I’d done with the indicator resisters. I guess vibration had stressed the core wire. I’ve since built a new one epoxy potted in a tube. Don’t expect any more issues there.

The regulator is a Bosch RE57 salvaged off the RT. The resister was intact, so I’ve clipped that to increase the charge rate.

Rear Brakes:
The rear brake light has been sticking on. I’ve lubed pivots & cables to reduce friction & get as much utility from this as possible, for as long as possible. But suspect I’m due for new shoes.