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  • Bike: Adv 1190R & XR650R (tricked out)
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

Welcome @dudz996. Yeah the big XR650R is a great bike in NZ, I’ve been having a blast on mine (bought back with me from UK).

I was lucky enough to get a ride on a CRF450L, one of the few sold in Auckland. It was ok, terrible seat, and didn’t feel that powerful at all. But a nice wee bike, and new…. Not some well used 650R with hidden problems.

Would I buy the 450L? Only if my 650R died. The 650R seems much better built, the engine is just so much more substainal. The 450L seemed a bit disposable.

There are a couple of very nice XRs on trademe right now, it may be worth the dosh, especially as even though they are expensive, they are no where near the $$$$$ for a new 450L. Plus I know which bike would be running after 50,000km, certainly no wee 450 I think.