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  • Town/City: Tauranga
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650 ADV, BMW R100GS
  • Rank: Round the World Adventure Globetrotter

Man I am so behind on this.

So after the Bealeau Motor Museum we went down to Devon and @chriscole was kind enough to let us park the motorhome on his lawn for a few days and show us around the neighbourhood, including a picturesque seaside village straight out of classic UK TV.

At one campsite we stayed at a motorhome nearby had this ‘trailer’ setup on it.

The Easy-Lifter bolts to the vehicles tow bar so that it doesn’t turn with the vehicle, instead the wheels can rotate 360 degrees and so provide any steering required. To mount and dismount a motorcycle the vehicles car jack is used to lift the rack so that the wheels drop off, then the whole rack is lowered to the ground so that the motorcycle can be wheeled on. The reverse is then performed to lift the stand into place.

In Europe scooters are very popular and not just the little ones either, we saw quite a few of the bigger maxi scooters used to travel from town to town and sometimes even on the motorway. In Italy especially we saw quite a few of the Honda X-ADV scooters, presumably because Italy’s roads are so crap the extra ground clearance is required.

The Italian military have these very cool 4×4 small trucks, Isuzu VM90.

Once into the Alps in Southern France which go through Austria and into Northern Italy there were bikes EVERYWHERE of all descriptions, though adventure bikes made up well over 50% of them, especially BMW 1200GS Adventures. The roads on this area are just amazing, as is the scenery. Not that most of the bikes were going slow enough to see anything.

This guy was having his own adventure on a tiny Vespa towing a trailer. At about 1000metres above sea level in the Italian Alps the poor scooter was struggling.

While wandering around Athens we found this little scooter supplies shop, you could buy all your go fast bits straight off the shelf, including full engine rebuild kits with cranks, piston, cylinder etc.

In Greece the Police ride a wide variety of bikes, TDM900’s V-Strom’s, Transalp’s etc.

Don’t fuck with them though, take note of whats on his chest.

Helmets are not compulsory in Greece, we even saw some Police riding without them. These guys were doing about 85km/h in light rain when this was taken and they were struggling to see due to the rain stinging their faces.