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Hey Adventure Riding Crew!

Stumbled across this while searching motorcycle rental locations in NZ. Have spent the last couple of hours pouring over the maps and posts. @eddieb you have done a really good thing here, thank you. I will be sure to support.

So having done two tours of northern India (1st: Kashmir/Ladakh/Manali & 2nd: Spiti) one of the Indian guys I rode with is coming to NZ and I want to show him what our beautiful country has to offer. So many descisions to make on how to spend my 12days and his 18days riding… Am seriously close to buying a Royal Enfield Himalayan which I absolutely loved riding over in Spiti. One thing holding me back is the 8 – 10 hour ride from AKL to WELL on day 1, so am now considering flying to CHCH and hiring there…

Anyway, wanted to drop a note here to say its incredible to have found this community.