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Hi Hanafi. If you dont get many replies to this, it might be better to ask for recommendations in specific areas you intend to visit. I see from your other post you are looking to make up a 12 or 18 day trip. You cannot do all of NZ in that time so where are you going to go? There are good roads everywhere. If you are looking for scenic and mountains, fly to CHCH and spend all your time in the South Island. There’s a bike hire place in Cromwell which is very central to all the good stuff down there. Happy to be corrected by any locals who want to contribute to this of course (I’m in Auckland).

If you intend to spend any time north of Auckland, there are nice gravel roads, mostly in the bits between Auckland and Kaikohe. North of that the roads are mostly sealed, with a few exceptions. I’m happy to make some suggestions if you end up going there!

What time of year is this trip??