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Daniel Fisher
  • Town/City: Nor-West AKL
  • Bike: DRZ400E
Rank: 1200cc Rider

I have changed my tube type tyres for a few years now and it used to be a real chore, still not something I look forward to, but practice definitely makes this job easier.

As Eddie states some kind of lubricant helps to no end. I use a tyre paste, also a concentrated mix of dishsoap/water in a spray bottle if it’s being stubborn or having trouble seating the bead. In trail scenario a bar of soap would suffice. Can also buy miniature tyre paste tubs, but when out on a multi day ride a bar of soap/dishwash would serve two purposes.

Something that made the job more ‘enjoyable’ for me was a tyre stand and some bead breakers. Before buying the breakers on occasion I could spend just as much time breaking a stubborn bead as changing the tyre itself!

Bead Breaker
Tyre Stand

There are plenty of techniques and nuances on tyre changing, and I have found when it comes time to refit the tyre it is easier to put tube into the tyre and feed the valve stem onto rim rather than to fit one side of tyre then muck around trying to fit the valve stem through the rim, if going that route a valve puller makes that part easier.

This is more or less how I do it