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Stuart Morgan
Rank: 250cc Rider

I just stick a long m10/m12 bolt in my Bench Vice, then have a piece plastic pipe/spacer over it. The Wheel is slipped over it, its all then up at bench height to work on.
2-3 simple tyre irons is all you need spoon types are best if you don’t want to tear the tyre/pinch the tubes and lots of lube (either soap/water or silicone spray) Lots of good stuff on you tube. Just put a new front tyre/tube on my F800, and converted the rear of my KTM 450 to Tubliss. Was fairly straight forward, looking forward to trying out the new tubliss set-up next week.
Braking the bead on the old tyre can be a pain, but again lube, and just use the irons all the way round and it will go, if not a C/G ? clamp can help to pinch the tyre if you have one big enough.