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Reece Woollen
  • Bike: Suzuki DR650SE
Rank: 125cc Rider

Hi People.
Sorry about the very delayed reply.. Been tied up doing other stuff. Thanks for the feedback. I went with the Ventura Tough Rack system with pannier mounts. It took awhile to get everything but it’s now done. Installed for free. Picture attached. Just spaced the rack off exhaust a bit more. I like the super solid construction of the Tough Rack system from a reputable brand I’ve used for years. It’ll last me for life. If I ever need to replace Ventura panniers I’ll customize pannier mounts to suit. I don’t intend to use the entire 103 litres of available luggage space at all off road. Just to heavy to be practical. Will be nice to carry a few luxuries on more road orientated trips. Unfortunately due to health reasons I can’t tour for awhile. So been putting attention into other activities and I’m finishing setting up the DR now. Thanks again for your responses. I really appreciate the help. Hopefully see some of you out there down the track.