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  • Bike: Husqvarna FE450 Rally Lite & FE350
Rank: 250cc Rider

The week before last (2-3 Jan 2020), we ventured out of Auckland for a little motorcycle getaway

Heading south to the furthest track on the list then working our way north to others (Old Wire, , Thompson’s was the first order of the day (approaching from the Te Aroha side)

With the preceding dry weather it was a good day for it. It was our first time attempting the track and all we had to go by was this thread and a few Youtube videos (most of which warned about the Katikati side).

It was some awesome riding, no issues with the mud puddles, and we found ourselves at the summit in about 1hr10min (incl stops). Descending was a lot of fun, and having previewed the track on the way up (and keeping our line selection in mind) we were down the mountain in about 35min.

The drier conditions made for loads of fun, nice and easy riding, even on loaded bikes (me: Husky FE450, my buddy: Suzi DR650). But I can see how in the wetter months this could become pretty challenging.