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Since we have less riding and more time to burn, I have created a short video on how to create and share riding plans.
I do planning in this way for a number of reasons. Without any particular order:

-Just throwing in a few road names or general destinations is not really helping. At least for me.
-We ride differently and having a planned route is helping everyone to get to the destination even if the group breaks up, and no one will miss the highlights of the ride.
-“Driving directions” are prone to change unintentionally. An imported GPX track will always remain the same independently from the user, the device, and other factors like actual traffic.
-To do ride planning in this way, you don’t need special software. It is available on-line and will work on most platforms from tablets to desktop computers.
-Using “driving directions” for planning will help to get only on roads that are public and rideable. Less likely you will end up in front of a locked gate.
-It is free.

If you feel so, create a ride in the greater Auckland area and we can ride it as part of the KLR Ramblers rides once the lock-down is over. Make the ride something between 150km and 400km, and a loop is preferred.

The original article can be found here:

A big thank you for Oldbeer and Anton to help with the creation of this video.