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Kyle Walker
  • Bike: DRZ400E
Rank: 50cc Rider

Hi Daniel
I went from a 1990 TT350 that I had bought new as a youngster to a 2007 DRZ400E.
The only complaints with the DRZ would be the seat height when the going gets rough (I’m 172cm) – but hey shouldn’t you ride with your feet up.
The other main gripe is that I have found it doesn’t like water much and has a tendency to stall quite easy when going through deeper water – but then that’s when the electric start is awesome.
Another thing is the weight of it – mainly when you have to drag it out of a bog hole.
I have found the DRZ to be ideal for my non aggressive riding style, I know the motors are not as highly strung as other brands but I believe that they are good value for money so much so that my son has also bought a 2016 DRZ400 and my wife and daughter both ride 2005 DRZ125L’s.
They may not be the lightest or fastest of bikes but they have been reliable.
Goodluck and enjoy your riding