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  • Bike: Royal Enfield Himalayan.
Rank: 80cc Rider

Dear Graeme,

Thank you for the suggestion, but, I am ahead of this chap already and tried making plastic shrouds as he is doing. I also have a cut in half 2 litre icecream container zip tied to the swingarm to stop the water firing forward onto the monshock. None of this works.

My latest attempt is to cut the locating tag off the airbox intake cover and rotate it. I have had it down and forward, and now facing upward. The carb gets enough air either way. I have made a flexible plastic side cover to replace the original to stop the rain falling in, and that seems OK. Now I am awaiting rain so the the ford nearby will fill up agin so that I can try the latest fix.

Feom looking on line, it seems that some individual bikes (like mine) are for aome unknown reason worse than others.

I may buy a DNA Filters item R-RE4N19-01 oiled cotton one. F & N do not make one to suit. Hopefully if water still gets in the oiled cotton will allow some air through. A water saturated paper filter stops all the air to the carb and the engine stops. Cheers, Malcolm.