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Hunia Rangi
  • Bike: R1250 GSA
Rank: 400cc Rider

Mosko Moto make a great range of quality products, I ordered directly from their website and had it couriered to NZ from USA. Got stung with GST on product and freight which made a pricier option. I have bmw hardcases that I use on long extended tours but was after a lighter (and narrower than cylinder heads) option for shorter more hardcore rides. Ended up getting scout 25 which has a hard mount and 25litre waterproof removable roll bags each side. 50 litres total storage and usually ditch top box when I use them for great handling off road. Can filter through traffic and is a huge difference riding with them compared to hard cases. Strong quality fully waterproof gear, Mosko Moto make the BMW atacama soft luggage but buying direct from them gave better selection and value.