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  • Town/City: Auckland
  • Bike: DRZ400
Rank: 250cc Rider

Motoz are freakin’ awesome, I run the Mountain Hybrids as I sadly ride nearly 100% sealed road. The Mountain hybrid rear is fricking awesome for hookup on anything and lasts like nothing else in it’s range. The front hooks up really well, but (on a DRZ400) does not have anywhere near the longevity as expected for a front. The hookup in gravel is great too!
The only downside is you can only buy them online shipped and then have to install yourself (which I have taught myself to do) or take’em to a shop. But for ~$200 for a full set of medium weight ADV tyres, it is epic! They’re alot like the Bridestone gritty but 1/2 the price!