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  • Bike: Royal Enfield Himalayan
Rank: 400cc Rider

Don’t know where you are but have you considered Shinko 804/805, very cheap tyres but very good. I have just done 8 000kms on a rear with about another 1500 kms left in it and the front will do 3000 kms more on a guess.The Shinkos are really planted on the road even in the wet and the block pattern hooks up well with stony and sandy conditions.

I am pretty much the same as you tho not new to riding bikes but I’m new to riding offroad too. The Shinko’s transformed the bike off-road from the Pirelli MT60 it was one before. I would’ve replaced them with the same but I do about 15 000kms per year and can’t be bothered to replace tyres every 8 months or so, so I have a set of Tractionator GPS’s waiting to go on when these Shinkos are done.