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  • Bike: 2010 R1200GSA, 2018 1090R
Rank: 1200cc Rider

<cite> @Eddieb said:</cite>
I don’t know anyone that would recommend a TKC-80 on the rear, they grip well but melt like butter.

wot e sed… 2x TKC-80 rears down, neither will make 2500km… tad expensive. Going to experiment with a set of Anakee Wild next, then probably a Tractionator Adventure rear and either TKC-80 or Wild front…

I will grant the TKC-80 one thing tho, for a knobbly its freaken amazing on seal. We’re talking edge of the blocks and it’s gripping (dry, gets slidy quite quick in the wet). Get silly and you have a wee slide that warns you you can’t be totally stupid, just mostly.