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Johnny Forsyth
  • Town/City: Porirua
  • Bike: KTM Adv790R
Rank: 80cc Rider

There is a wee ‘bonus extra’ on your map there Eddie, from SH1 trough to Kaimanawa Road near Beggs Pool.. Heading north on SH1, on the last of the bends before you hit the big straights, there’s a DOC sign showing a Mountain Bike track to the Pillars. It’s mainly flat with a few big puddles and can be quite overgrown in places. There’s an obscured left turn off the Pillars track that will take you through to Kaimanawa Road. This is a bit rutted and overgrown but mainly flat and do-able on a litre bike on knobbys, recommend south to north.

And when you get out onto Kaimanawa Road there’s a gravel loop you can take from Beggs Pool to Waihaha Valley campsite. Then there are the the roads along the Poutu canal system, but that’s a story for another post, soon.