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Aaron Robertson
  • Town/City: Te Awamutu
  • Bike: R1150 GSA
Rank: 650cc Rider

i went out for a ride a week ago to go to the geographic center of the north island again and discovered something interesting as a result. unfortunately i don’t have a gps and didn’t take my gopro either so no gps to follow.
anyway, if you go to the center of the country and then continue to follow the road around to the south for another few Km you will reach the end of the road at a gate and sign post for a YMCA lodge. at this point i looked around and spotted a mountain bike track heading off to one side. the track looks like it was fairly well paved at one point so away i went. the track is almost completely covered over by trees and is a nice ride to start with, i meet a mountain bike rider pushing his bike coming the other way(it was uphill for him and fairly rough going) so if you go this way be aware that other users are around.the track gets fairly rough fairly quickly but was still passable on the 1150GS with a little bit of caution and modicum of skill. i managed to get 5km in before the track branched to go across the mangakino stream on a cable bridge for pushbikes and continued on through a cutting that i was not willing to try on the big bike but a smaller machine would probably get through with a bit of luck.i turned around at this point as i didn’t think i could get any further and rode back out. the track in was bare rock in a few places and bare clay in others with a few loose rock and dirt spots and one mud patch that was the result of a seepage but wouldn’t pose a problem to anyone. if it had been wet the track would be a challenge to most riders due to the clay and rocks, otherwise i would put it at a medium skill level track. looking at the satellite picture the track continues another few km until it swings around to the mangakineo stream again and i presume a crossing of some sort but i don’t know for sure.