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  • Bike: BMW R100GS, Ducati Mark 3 250 narrow case
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@Pete W said:
I bought a Zumo XT in December, intending to use if mainly for offroad / non tarmac routing. I loaded Base Camp, to find it only has Australia, and not New Zealand. Is Mapsource any better, for NZ?


Hi Peter

Mapsource and Basecamp are software for managing maps on your GPS, loading up GPS tracks, planning routes, etc but are not maps in themselves. Mapsource is the original software which later was replaced by Basecamp.

The good part is that you have bought a Garmin GPS and in NZ we have a source of free up to date maps of NZ for Garmin devices and .gpx map format compatible software.

Check out this discussion:

Once you have downloaded and installed the latest maps check out this page for how to use the GPS tracks we have available for download on this site: