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<cite> @DougieNZ said:</cite>
Road in mostly excellent condition. One tip – don’t take the first turnoff to hanmer. More of a 4wd road than a motorcycling road. If you have a lighter bike no issue, but not for the bigger bikes IMHO.

To clarify if I may…. when you get to the end of the Molesworth/Acheron Road there’s a sign at a left turn to Jollies Pass. Turn right for Jacks Pass. Its less distance using Jollies by a few kms but its is pretty rugged. There’s a little ford not far from the intersection with steepish in and out, then the pass and then a very steep downhill with (when I was there) a couple of big diagonal ruts where water has eroded the base. Our four wheel drive had two wheels off the ground at one point. If its wet it would be a handful up or down.

If in doubt use Jacks Pass.