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<cite> @peter_longley said:</cite>
I have a query re “Old Beer”s post re which pass to take down into Hanmer from the Molesworth road. He says Jack’s Pass is the easiest and that it is a right turn when heading off the Molesworth Rd. I have been advised the opposite!!! That the right turn is Jollies Pass. Also there is a UTube video that shows 2 riders taking the right turn and footage of the descent. There is no stream crossing and the trail does not look that gnarly at all. Appreciate if someone could clarify that intersection for me.

Thinking about this a bit more, you would turn left off the road to Jacks Pass as well so that might be where the confusion arises. But you will have already passed the left turn to Jollies and its Tophouse Road after the Jollies turnoff. If still unsure just have a look at the topo map.