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  • Bike: XR650R
Rank: 400cc Rider

One of my favourite bits of roads. The current conditions are pretty standard (went through a few weeks ago). It gets worse, and it can be better, but right now is pretty representative. You see all sorts getting over the track – roadbikes, minivans, lots of horse-riders, etc.. The bulk of the road is just a normal gravel track, with some rougher bits on several streams that tend to get washed out/slips, and some decent sized potholes depending when they last had the dozer go over it. Any of that will see you off if you are on a big bike with road tyres and/or not a confident rider.

If you are new to gravel I’d give it a miss, and enjoy the views on the Molesworth instead. Oldbeers post is spot-on.

A lot of the people going over will take a more “challenging line” or be hitting it at pace, and so teaming up with someone could be difficult, I would not recommend that.

But saying all that it’s still a road and so not that challenging in the greater scheme of things.