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Lawrence Lewis
  • Bike: Yamaha MT07 Tracer
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Hi Riders,

I got myself a Garmin Zumo XT because Google Maps is only really good at doing navigation from point A to point B. The Garmin does a fairly good job with its Motorcycle and Curvy Road option but it still hasn’t hit the nail on the head for me. As a device it has integrated well with my Samsung Smartphone and Bluetooth Sena Headset in my Helmet, the Zumo Screen works well with gloves and its super bright in the sun.

I have now loaded Garmin Basecamp, that works well if you want to build your own route, you can create a precise route along every dirt road you can find and send it to the Zumo ready to go. Creating that Route is a bit clumsy and slow, you have to pick along the road with your mouse and it slowly creates the route.

My mate doesn’t have a Zumo so I was hoping I could export the GPX file so he could import it into Google Maps and use his smartphone. Two problems that I would appreciate your solution to.

1) How can you get a GPS into Google Maps on your phone (just need to know the import process).
2) How do you stop Google Maps recalculating the route you have created or keeping your route as the master route so if you have diverted off the route it just gets you back onto that route, it doesn’t recalculate the entire route to your destination point.

I am running an Android phone.