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Shane Keat
  • Rank: 125cc Rider

Hi guys i wanted to say thanks so much for all your help.
I ended up with shinko 705s i did a bunch of research in addition to your comments.
I found the issues and the solutions to they problems with these tyres and I’ve ridden these for about 100km now and they feel better than the old anakee IIIs i had on it, now when i say old they were 14yrs old, dry and horrible.
The bike feels like a different bike!
So the issues i found with these tyres, a lot of people are using crossply which will blow out and bubble on a heavy bike so the fix is get the radial and they are fine.
If you own a wee-strom or a cb500x or a 502k or larger you need the radials if you have a dr or a cbr then you can use the crossply.
Anyhoo i hope that help others, i am loving leaning in to the corners now without the tyres gently sliding across the road lol