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@Eddieb said:

Company’s push to use Unimogs on ‘terrifying’ Skippers Rd

The local council is investigating the planned use of 10-tonne Unimogs to carry tourists on a Queenstown road described as one of the world’s most treacherous drives.

Go Orange plans to transport up to 20 people in each of the Mercedes Benz trucks along Skippers Rd, through the Skippers Canyon, to go whitewater rafting on the Shotover River.

The 22-kilometre historic road was hand-carved by goldminers alongside the river. It is one lane wide most of the way and has sheer cliffs that drop down hundreds of metres at many points.

Go Orange are permitted to use the Unimogs on the road as it is a public road.

You won’t need to worry about coming across one of these in Skippers Canyon any more as Go Orange are selling their fleet of Unimogs off.

The 20-seater four-wheel-drives are being sold by tender and no value has been put on them, but Turners Cars truck and machinery consultant Michael Dobbinson estimated they could have cost about $350,000 each.

They had large TV screens installed, USB ports for each passenger, personalised plates and all had odometer readings of less than 20,000 kilometres.

Wayfare chief executive Stephen England-Hall said in a statement that the Unimogs were surplus to current requirements.