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Kiwi Mo
  • Rank: 250cc Rider

So I went up the Burma Hill and on to Waiouru from Fordell last Sunday. Got colder and was drizzling up near Waiouru. Had lunch where the fire was lit, nice and warm and came down the Turakina. Mixture of tar and gravel. Coming down there were sections where the gravel was deeper and it was necessary to stand up but doo-able for a returning to gravel rider like me. Only ran off into a handy water table once. haha. Must have looked funny for the bloke following me. Kept it up and stopped nicely. Here are some photos. Didn’t take hardly any on the way down. looking back I think I may have looked there. I was getting a bit buggered. Great ride and if your considering it I recommend it as a good day out.