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Here’s a good reason why you should carry a PLB or Spot tracker , Garmin Inreach or similar device, especially when riding alone.

Man lay near dirt road seriously injured for more than 24 hours after motorbike crash

Robert Maddison spent more than 24 hours, including a long, cold night, lying near a dirt road seriously injured after falling off his motorbike.

The 38-year-old was riding on Dobbins Rd, Southbridge, 45 kilometres southwest of Christchurch, when he crashed on Thursday afternoon.

He suffered a fractured vertebra, and was unable to call for help. For more than 24 hours, Maddison lay hoping someone would find him.

That eventually happened about 7pm on Friday when a passerby came across him and phoned 111. Maddison was transported to Christchurch Hospital by St John Ambulance, where he remains.

Speaking to Stuff on Monday Maddison’s mother, Susan Maddison, said she and her family were grateful to her son’s rescuer.
“I just want to thank them very, very much for everything they did.”
She said she did not know what caused the crash or how he came to be found and declined to comment further.