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Singapore has just announced new restrictions that in 2028 will effectively ban any motorcycle registered before July 2003.

If your interested in the fancy numbers qualifying motorcycles must meet emissions standards of “4.5% Carbon Monoxide (CO) by Volume; and 7,800 ppm Hydrocarbons (HC) (for 2-stroke engine) or 2,000 ppm HC (for 4-stroke engine)”.
After June 30, 2028, these motorcycles will either be banned in Singapore, or the owner can apply to be given a temporary permit with usage stipulations until such time as the vehicle is eligible for Classic Registration, which in Singapore is vehicles aged 35 years or older.

The Singapore Environment Agency is offering an early de-registration incentive of up to $3,500, essentially a buy-back scheme, to encourage owners to take older bikes off the road and replace them with newer, lower emission models. According to the NEA, almost 60% of the 27,000 eligible motorcycles have so far been de-registered via this program.