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One of our members who is local to Black Forest Station has had a call about riders abusing access to the Station, which could result in access being removed for everyone.

Access to Black Forest Station is a privilege, not a right. Don’t be a f*&king dickhead and cause all of us to loose access by riding off track, harassing stock, not paying the access fee, or sharing the gate access code.

I had a phone call from one of the owners of the land that the Black Forest track passes through yesterday. We live in Otematata and have the pub there. We see a lot of people who have ridden the road and are in need of a cold beer at the end.
I was quite upset to hear that some people are abusing the privilege of land access by either not paying the fee, leaving the track and ripping up adjacent land, disturbing stock or sharing the gate code around causing unauthorised access.
As such they have been considering restricting access which would be a huge loss to the bike riding community. In short don’t be a dick, respect people’s land or you will loose it.
As such this year the road will be closed mid June until the end of August while a pest control operation is underway and again in October for Lambing. Please respect the closures and look after the access we do have. #blackforreststation