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There have been ongoing issues with locals “closing” Te Paki Stream.
NZ Herald
Sometimes there are a line of cones or a piece of rope etc or hand written signs giving you the impression the stream is really closed….but it isn’t. If you stop they will lecture you about eels dieing, oil contamination etc then ask you if you really wish to procede. So…don’t stop, but also don’t blast into the water cause the last time l was there, the water was almost axle deep directly at the wheel tracks into the water. However there is always somewhere there where it’s shallow (or the hole isnt there now). Because it’s winter the stream will be easy to ride, however about 1 km down it narrows and there is a deeper water/soft sand bit close to the dunes that catches out bikes and vehicles alike, just ride where water is flowing, not still. After heavy rain the stream changes…and sometimes it really is closed temporarily but DOC always put proper signs up. If you are coming off the beach you may see a sign saying stream closed…again ignore it, unless it’s a DOC sign.
If you are worried about the stream then access/depart 90 Mile at Hukatere. (turn off at Pukenui)
There are 2 main access points at Ahipara, the southern one is always easy, but needs to be done below half tide out because of rocks, the other at the end of Kaka Street can sometimes be a bit soft (or non existent after heavy rain).