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@scott-palmer @eric_yu

So the issue will displaying the All Unsealed Roads maps is that the file size is too large. The free Google Maps Javascript API which I use for the other maps has a limit of 3mb for KML files, even after splitting the data into North and South Islands the smallest file was still 4mb.

So far I think I’ve found 3 possible options

  1. GEOXML is hailed as the thing to implement in this situation, though the most recent update on that project was 4 years ago it’s supposed to still be good. I’d just have to figure out how t omake it work.
  2. Using the KML networklink feature. Essentially you break the data up into a bunch of smaller files, then call a master file in the Maps Javascript api which pulls in all the smaller files. I wasn’t able to find any evidence of this working, but I found references to doing it a few times.
  3. The 3rd is Openlayers, though now that I have looked at this a bit I don’t think it will be workable.