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  • Bike: 1998 KTM 620 EGS-E Adventure LC4 , 1989 DR750 BIG , 2007 DR650 (in Aussie)
  • Rank: 80cc Rider

Today started as it had finished the day before in the Gunbarrel, this track is rock reefs,sand, ant hills, big ass rocks and trees that are trying to rip you off your machine. You just picked your line took your chances and accepted that whatever happened happened. We lost a few men in here and a few bikes but everyone made it out to fight another day.

We put in a big day today and made it out to a place called docker river I think it was, we were expecting a river but it was not to be. We ended up pulling off the road into the bush and found a little spot so set up camp and tucked into a feed. As we were sitting round our fire talking about the days events shit out of the corner of my eye I spotted a ginger bloody dog, oh shit it was a Dingo and luckily he was in good nick, so with a bit of a get the f.. out of here and throwing the odd stick at him he buggered off. He wasn’t afraid of us at all just wanted to know what we were doing on his land I guess.

The road we were on was supposed to be a national highway, it was worse than some of the tracks we had been on, it was so corrugated the bikes and bodies were taking a hammering.