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Over the years my DR has morphed into something a bit more special than a standard DR so I thought I should do a build thread, starting from where she is now.
I’ve bolted on and replaced so much of it not much is original and it pulls a LOT better than a stock bike, even 2-up with standard 15/41 gearing.

I’ll try and list things.

Revalved rear shock
Pivot Pegz
Lowered footpegs
Frame protectors/heel guards
Wolfman luggage racks
GSXR600 exhaust with custom mid pipe
Pro Moto rear rack
Home made seat foam (not by me)
IMS 18l tank
Opened airbox
Keihin FCR39 carb
50mm bar risers
Aftermarket bars
DRZ 250 adjustable cartridge forks, with DR650 aftermarket springs
Aftermarket indicators
B&B bash plate
Header pipe weld done
Some exhaust porting
$6 windscreen by @roodyblues

A good project however is never finished and while I was away this weekend a new pile of bits magically appeared in the garage that will seriously make over the DR. It looks like I’ll need to put in a serious garage session soon.