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Umm a somewhat tardy reply but better late than never. I have two singles a 1966 250 SCR which I bought in bits from Desmocycle more years ago than I like to admit and also a 1959 Elite 200 in an early 60’s 250 frame which I bought in the UK prior to emigrating in 1995. The 250 is in reality not too far away from being a goer engine rebuilt, a later (last of the narrow case early wide) front forks with a lovely Akront 19″ rim donated by a mate(good onya Simon as the original forks were poked (plan on doing a mix and match of the four legs I have to make a pair for the 200, I also have an electronic ignition set up from Germany for it – it needs time and effort and of coursemoney, electrics, controls, seat covering etc etc. The poor old 200’s engine is in bits at an engineering mates waiting for funds the rest is pretty much as I bought it.